Banquet (in progress)
Casting TBD
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First developed in a Pataphysics workshop with Mac Wellman (2016)
Extensively developed at Yaddo (2016)
Semi-finalist for Fresh Ground Pepper’s PlayGround PlayGroup (2017)
Continued development at The Flea Theater with The Bats and director Anne Cecilia Heany

9W, 1M
A month with Cabin 41, a girls' cabin at a sleepaway camp.
Awarded semifinalist status for the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center's National Playwrights Conference (2016)
Reading at The Old Globe Theatre with Play By Play, San Diego, CA (2015)
Reading at NYU-Tisch under the auspices of thesis advisor Annie Baker (2015)

Die Vorkoster der Wolfsschanze (The Food Tasters of the Wolf's Lair)
15W (but can be cast with as few as 5W), 3M
Inspired by the true story of Margot Wolk, the last surviving food taster of Hilter's Wolf's Lair.
Written for 365 Women A Year: A Playwriting Project (2015)

A young girl grieves over her father’s death. With her mother, they call upon their imaginations to guide their healing process in a way that’s both playful and brutally honest.
Reading at NYU-Tisch as part of NYU's "Festival of New Works" (2014)

The Story of James Malcolm Leibowitz's Parents
7W, 7M (opportunities for double-casting)
A satirical meta-theatrical adventure exploring race and "color-blindness" in America.

The play starts in the gas chambers
3M, 2W
A group of American tourists are led around Auschwitz by a tour guide.
Selected by NYU-Tisch as finalist for the National MFA Playwrights Festival, Aspen, CO (2014)

City Snow
3W, 1M
Two young sisters want to take a walk in the snow with their parents, but convincing Mom and Dad to leave their Manhattan apartment isn't so easy.
Selected by NYU-Tisch as finalist for the National MFA Playwrights Festival, Aspen, CO (2013)

Catch the Moon
1W, 1M
A mother makes unorthodox attempts to create a happy birthday for her young son, whose father is away working.
Developed at The Flea Theater in a "Pataphysics" workshop with 13P, and also received staged reading at the Flea in conjunction with workshop (2008)


Daffodil Lane
Half-hour original comedy television pilot
Behind the scenes of a live-action children's television show: rookie puppeteer Kate has to manage the special live episode herself when all the other puppeteers die in a freak roller-coaster accident.

Bob's Burgers: "Erotic Friend Fiction Friend"
Television spec script
Bob grounds Tina when he finds out she's failing math class, but Tina sneaks out anyway to the Cool Beans Coffeehouse, where she's been invited to read her erotic friend fiction aloud.

The Wonder Pets: "Save the Hummingbird"
Television spec script
The Wonder Pets travel to the desert to help a hummingbird who can't hum.


Feature-length romantic comedy screenplay
Charlie and Grace connect instantly in a support group for OCD-sufferers. But when Charlie undergoes Deep Brain Stimulation, neurosurgery that rewires the brain, Charlie and Grace struggle to keep their relationship alive now that Charlie's "normal."