Leading Creative Writing Workshop at NY Writers Coalition's "Write-a-Thon"

On Saturday, November 7th, I will be leading a writing workshop during NY Writers Coalition's 10th Annual "Write-a-Thon," their biggest fundraiser of the year.

NY Writers Coalition provides free and low-cost creative writing programs for underserved people, including:

  • seniors
  • LGBT communities
  • people living with disabilities
  • people who are incarcerated or have been incarcerated
  • people who are homeless or have been homeless

I led a NY Writers Coalition workshop for three years. In this workshop, as in virtually all NY Writers Coalition workshops, we all wrote from a prompt (a poem, a photograph, a question, etc.), then read our work aloud to the group, but no one was ever forced to share. We talked about what we liked in each others' writing, and were specific in our praise, but we never criticized since the work was too new.

This is the NY Writers Coalition method and I truly believe in its transformative power.

My workshop at the Write-a-Thon will follow this same format, as will the other workshops offered throughout the day.

I'm honored to be a part of an organization that I believe does such important and compelling work. I am also fundraising for the Write-a-Thon; please remember that every donation makes a difference.